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Garden benches are an excellent way to build a focal point in your garden, a place where your friends and family will stop, relax and take in the fresh and clean air.

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Teak garden furniture, Manufactured using the highest quality teak available, it is exceptionally durable and will stand up to any type of weather. Garden Furniture Spain has the largest teak garden furniture range available in Spain.

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Thursday, 14 February 2019

3 reasons why furniture makes a house a home

Have you ever thought about the furniture? In this article, I will share three reasons why furniture makes a house a home.

Reason #1: Relaxation

The day’s work and activities can tire us out and the desire for rent increases. The bed or the sofa are the types of furniture on our minds as soon as we turn the key to enter our house or apartment. What better way to give your body a break by laying your head on a soft piece of furniture?

There are many benefits to relaxation such as lowering stress hormones, decreasing anxiety, lowering blood pressure, etc. Furniture can assist with relaxation, which is why they are essential to have in your home.

Reason #2: Productivity

The position of your furniture is important for productivity and harmony in your home. Feng Shui is a Chinese system which uses the furniture in your home to create a stable and harmonizing environment.

For example, if there is a sofa that is in your way of going in and out of the living room, rearranging it to create more space can increase productivity and allow a more stable, calm environment in the home. With everything in place, you can breathe easily and focus on what needs to be done instead of focusing on why your furniture is out of place.

Reason #3: Creativity

This is your home! Therefore, you have the freedom to design it the way you want it to be.  The idea of designing your place can feel like a daunting task, but the process and the result can bring excitement and happiness.

You can take these three steps to start creating the desired look for your home:

                Step 1: What’s your favourite colour?
Your favourite colour or a colour that fits the theme of a room can make all the difference in your home.
                Step 2: Which kind of furniture do you want?
Do you want a sofa with leather or velvet covering it? Do you want a King or Queen size bed? It all depends on your preference. Your creativity and personality will shine with any choice you make. How awesome is that?!
                Step 3: Which paintings do you want in your home?
Paintings in a home are like the cherry on top of an ice cream cone–it tops it all off! It is a beautiful way to express yourself along with your furniture.
These steps are a great way to begin creating the home of your dreams.
Furniture either makes or breaks a home. It is important for the buyer to know what he or she wants to ensure that – Home is where the heart is.

Garden furniture, too called patio furniture or outdoor furniture

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Outdoor Rattan Furniture Spain: One of the Emerging Brands in Home Decor

Ever imagined how a business would be so comprehensive with its products and services? Especially in the most important field of our lives, home d├ęcor and furnishing. From luxurious alfresco living inspired ranges to the high sensitivity towards the environment, Garden Furniture Spain stands out and never fails to satisfy. And the extensive variety of 2600 styles and 3 international centres in UK and Madrid respectively makes it even more special.
Outdoor Rattan Furniture
Especially when it comes to the beauty of nature and modernity, the brand certainly stands out and provides affordable and high-quality Outdoor Rattan Furniture in a multitude of styles. Selling furniture to almost the entire continent of Europe, that is eco-friendly and low maintenance, the USP of the brand is to deliver huge stocks to its customers.
The importance of sustainable living in today’s times can never be down weighed. Apart from reducing the costs of living, sustainable living helps us give Nature its due and conserve the environment. While certain areas around the world are blessed with nature’s bounty, the importance of green furniture has gained much more important even in the urban landscapes. With Bamboo, Aluminum and Recycled Plastic along with FSC approved Wood being the core constituents of its Rattan Outdoor furniture, the range never fails to complement the surroundings and blend class with the unadulterated charm of nature.
Outdoor Rattan Furniture
From the products to the excellent services at its end, the brand has stood out in all aspects. And the personalized designs and authentic teakwood and aluminium framework make it even more special.
Apart from teak wood Outdoor Rattan furniture, the brand also supplies cumaru, rustic, iroko, cast iron southern yellow pine, and aluminium furniture. The teakwood originates from conserved forests in the areas authenticated by Smart Wood as per the guidelines of the Forestry Stewardship Council.
Your serene evenings and mornings outdoors are further accentuated with the outdoor extras range consisting of patio heaters, gazebos, parasols, barbecues, hammocks, decking, weather cover Outdoor Rattan Furniture, shade sails, Picnic tables, Awnings, Garden Benches and so many other categories that simplify and refine your living. Relaxation was never this exciting and you can actually create your own patio and garden with low maintenance and costs all in tune with the climatic conditions to protect the furniture and extend its durability.
The furniture also includes Divans, Sun Loungers, Daybeds and much more. Read a book while soaking in the Sun and a delectable cup of tea. From swimming pools to balconies and patios, every space is taken care of with the assorted and multipurpose range of Rattan outdoor furniture.
The highlight of this brand is its recently launched Water Hyacinth Furniture Range and the Rattan Outdoor Furniture Range which provides furniture that is sturdy, durable and weather tolerant too.
Keeping in tune with the setting and the ethos of the continent, the furniture also includes the famous Lutyens Teakwood Bench popularized by Sir Edwin Lutyens himself. So visit our website at www.gardenfurniturespain.com to know more and give your garden the classiest and elegant vibes ever!