Outdoor Furniture

Garden benches are an excellent way to build a focal point in your garden, a place where your friends and family will stop, relax and take in the fresh and clean air.

Teak Garden Furniture

Teak garden furniture, Manufactured using the highest quality teak available, it is exceptionally durable and will stand up to any type of weather. Garden Furniture Spain has the largest teak garden furniture range available in Spain.

Bari Corner Sofa Suite

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Monday, 28 May 2018

Fascinating Garden with Aluminum Garden Furniture

Want a beautiful garden in your backyard. Don’t you? Want to buy furniture to go along with the plants and flowers? Imagine organizing a party in your garden and all your friends sitting in the garden furniture. Purchase the best furniture which suits your outdoor space. Installing and choosing the right garden furniture might seem tricky.

Don’t know which furniture to purchase for your garden?

Aluminum is a good choice for garden furniture. This type of furniture works well with commercial and domestic use. Wondering about maintenance and durability? Aluminum Garden furniture is long lasting and easy to maintain.

tudor set 4

This value for money furniture will give you many years of outdoor use. Choose from any of the below furniture range: Tudor Range

Select this stylish type of cast aluminum furniture, available in sun loungers, single chairs, and complete dining sets. Place this in your garden, patio, restaurants, bars, and cafes. Don’t worry about the maintenance part. Aluminum is powered coated to protect the furniture from weather resistance.

dynasty fire pit set

Casino Ivy cast sets

casino 10 seater rectangle table chairs set

You also have the option to select our casino ivycast, which is a mix of modern and classical design, made from all kinds of material. This material is maintenance free and is made from recycled material. We select the material based on strict environmental criteria. Ivycast Loungers

rocking lounger

You will love our Ivycast loungers, which offer a mix of classical and modern designs. These loungers have maintenance free capabilities. Add these stylish sun loungers to your poolside, outdoors or garden. Relax on our Ivycast loungers on a hot summer day. These are made out of recycled materials. Ivycast Leaf Range Garden Furniture.

leaf 6 seater oval table chairs

You also have the option of purchasing our Ivycast Leaf Range Garden Furniture. These are carefully made after powder coating the aluminum, which is rot free, frost proof and maintenance free. These are ergonomically made for comfort.

 Clarence Folding Garden Furniture

Check out our Clarence Folding Garden Furniture, which is just perfect for your outdoor, garden and terrace furniture. This is a foldable range, made from teak and wrought iron. This range is a beautiful option for your apartment, terrace or garden.

Mosaic garden furniture
 slate top round 4 chair dining set
Select our mosaic garden furniture, which is made from marble, glaze, cement and Mosaic terracotta. This range is stain and fade proof. The table legs and garden chairs are made with the wrought iron material, which is powder coated and galvanized.

So, what are you thinking? Come and select from our range of exclusive aluminum garden furniture and make you outdoors look gorgeous.

Friday, 11 May 2018

How to Choose the Best Garden Furniture from a Garden Furniture Sale?

Furniture is very essential, be it indoor or outdoor, it makes you feel comfortable and is also a necessity in every household. But the real task is to choose the furniture which speaks your mind and which also suits and goes along with your house. Not only is the model of the furniture important but also its colour and texture. It is what gives your home a meaning and also makes your house look lively. There are many varieties of furniture available in the market which makes it difficult for a person to choose.

malvern teak dining set

Before approaching for a garden furniture sale, it is important to know certain tips which might be also helpful for you in the long run.

1.     First and foremost tip is that you should know about the material.  In the outdoor furniture market, teak is the most durable and stronger material which can be maintained without any hassle. There are also other materials which have the same features but 3 factors should be kept in mind, i.e. weather, appearance, and maintenance. It should also be seen before a garden furniture sale that the material is resistant to pests and mould.

dia table folding set

2.    Furniture and comfort are hand-in-hand because if furniture doesn’t give you comfort, it’s not worth your money. Especially, outdoor furniture is meant to give you comfort because that’s what they are being installed for. It is meant to make you feel relaxed and contented. In the matter of comfort, you can always add cushions which will also add in colour to your home. Recliners, rockers, hammocks and daybeds are awesome furniture to be installed if you want to stretch or relax.

weather cover for furniture

3.    Weather can sometimes be unpredictable, so make sure that you have storage at your home where you can store your outdoor furniture when the weather conditions are bad. You can also buy weather covers for furniture so that there is no damage or rust in the material.

4.    Budget is also a main concern while buying any furniture because the cost and its worth should synonymise. You can choose a variety of furniture which is cheap but is of the best quality because no one wants to compromise with the quality of the furniture.

5.    Placing the furniture in your garden is also the main concern where it is advised not to place softwoods on a grassy surface.

Amalfi Aluminium metal sofa

So after the tips are known, you can buy from a range of furniture like the Amalfi Aluminium range, recycled teak dining sets, reclaimed furniture, Bari aluminium sets, gazebos, LED furniture, conservatory furniture, garden statues, garden hammocks, picnic tables, etc. Garden Furniture Spain is famous for dealing with the outdoor furniture where they provide all the mentioned models of furniture at affordable rates and also of the best quality. Their customer service is excellent where they help you in choosing the best furniture, either for your patio or garden. Availing the services of Garden Furniture Spain will give you the best experience you will ever have.