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Garden benches are an excellent way to build a focal point in your garden, a place where your friends and family will stop, relax and take in the fresh and clean air.

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Teak garden furniture, Manufactured using the highest quality teak available, it is exceptionally durable and will stand up to any type of weather. Garden Furniture Spain has the largest teak garden furniture range available in Spain.

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Thursday, 3 October 2019

Buying garden furniture? Consider those factors!

When you have a beautiful and spacious outdoor space, you must fill it with accessories and furniture which will further increase its decor and functionality. Furniture plays a major role and you should purchase it very carefully. In this article, we will discuss some factors one should consider while buying garden furniture.


Your outdoor space or garden beckon especially when the weather outside starts getting warmer. But you must be wondering why outdoor space fascinates people and they want to spend their time? Well! It is because they are spacious and they offer more relaxation and more enjoyment because of outer fresh environment. While buying garden furniture, you must pay equal importance to that of indoor furniture. But in addition to that, you have to consider certain points as well, so that you will make the right choice.
·      The weather: How is the weather at your place? Is it very hot and dry? Are you living near the coast? Does it rain very frequently? All these are very important things to keep in mind while going to buy furniture for your beautiful garden. It is because hot and dry environment creates crack and splinters. If there is strong wind it can make the aluminium furniture to fly and wicker cannot withstand much moisture exposure.


·     Space availability: It is yet another important consideration, that how much space is available and how it is shaped? According to that, you can buy the furniture. Ensure that there is enough space to walk comfortably.

·       Decide where you want to place the furniture: Do you want to place the furniture in-ground or you will place it in a place with overhead covering. This all helps in deciding what materials make a good match to the available environment or surroundings. Like if you will pace softwood furniture on a grassy area, then the moisture from the grass may cause the wood to rotten quickly. Moisture also causes corrosion of the metals. If your garden area receives too much sun then you can consider garden furniture umbrellas for some shade.


·         The material: The type of materials you want to have for your garden furniture depends on three important factors weather, the care needed and the looks. The weather will decide whether the material you will buy will make a good fit or not. You will never want a material that will not withstand the weather conditions. The amount of care needed also is something you should consider. Some are there that needs more care like aluminium, resin etc. And some are thee like wrought iron that lasts long. And the last factor how the furniture will look in your garden. Depending on all this you can decide the material of the furniture.

·     Give attention to the level of comfort you need: You will certainly use the garden furniture to get more relation and comfort. So, choose furniture that is comfortable for you. Make sure to try the furniture before you buy it.


Consider your budget: Last but not least you must buy furniture within your set budget so that you will not drain your pockets for buying a beautiful piece of furniture.
So, this is some important factors you must keep in mind before buying garden furniture.

Saturday, 28 September 2019

What mistakes to avoid while buying garden furniture sets.

Garden furniture sets contribute a lot to your garden beauty. Therefore it is very important to choose the furniture carefully. To make the right choice you are required to avoid certain mistakes. In this article, we will discuss some of the mistakes to avoid while purchasing garden furniture.


Summer is fast coming and along with that will come those lazy afternoons and evenings that you will spend in your lounge outside. It is now the best time to buy some brand new and beautiful garden furniture sets so that you can enjoy the coming summer fully. No matter whether you are setting up a screened overhang or just designing the pool deck neat to your garden, you have to be well prepared before making even small buys. But along with all the preparation for your garden, you should also avoid certain mistakes while going to purchase your new garden furniture. Have a look at some of the common mistakes that you should avoid while going to buy garden furniture sets.


1. Not taking the tape measure: While heading to the furniture store, you must have measured your space and think that you have eyeballed the deck, but keep in mind that there is no substitute for the exact measurement. It is good to note down the exact measurement and take but along with that you can take the tape and mark the exact dimension of the place where you want to keep the furniture in the tape. This way you can get the furniture that will exactly fit into your space.


2. Ignoring the materials and quality: While purchasing garden furniture, you may get easily lured by the beautiful colour or the design of the furniture. This way you might fail to pay attention to the quality of the materials and you will end up wasting money. So, never gloss over materials and the quality of the furniture. Do proper research about all qualities of garden furniture sets and never get afraid to ask the experts while you are shopping. You should have proper knowledge on what will hold up, what can easily withstand a good amount of moisture and what will not fade in sun?


3. Not paying attention to the location: While going for purchasing your garden furniture never forget to pay attention to your location, its climate and how different material will react. Like if you are staying near the sea, and then the salty air can damage certain outdoor furniture that is made from certain materials. Then for colder climates and places covered by trees, how it will affect. If you are staying in a location with a very hot climate, then furniture made with aluminium becomes too hot as it absorbs heat very quickly.
So, this is a few mistakes you should avoid while purchasing garden furniture set for your beautiful garden.  

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

What are the benefits of buying Rattan furniture?

When spring is in the corner, what comes to our mind are those drinks by sitting outside in the warm sun. What we now need is some gorgeous garden furniture, if you want to enjoy the summer fully. One of the most popular garden furniture is 6 seater or a  4 seater rattan garden furniture. Are you wondering why it is beneficial to buy rattan furniture?

Have a look at some of the major benefits of buying rattan furniture.

·    They are long-lasting: This is one of the major reasons you should invest in rattan furniture. You will be surprised to know that the artificially made rattan furniture lasts longer than the authentic one. The will last somewhere between 10 and 20 years.
·   Water-resistant properties: The rattan furniture last long because they are made UV resistant and water-resistant. This weather-resistant property makes it harder when they are outside, in the month of spring and summer.

·    Sturdy: Rattan furniture is very strong. Real rattan may not be so strong but the man-made rattan furniture doesn't have many natural fibres, which is sometimes one of the negative factors of the authentic rattan. So, it last as long as they are very less prone to damages.

·       Light in weight: The man-made 6 Seated rattan dining set is very light in weight as compared to the authentic rattan. It's therefore very easy to move and displace anywhere you want it to. A Winchester diningchair also makes a great combination with rattan dining table.

·       Cheaper: The rattan furniture is cheaper and is one of the good options for those who cannot afford to buy the real rattan but wish to buy one to have a beautiful look in their garden.

·      Requires very less maintenance: As this furniture is resistant to harsh weather therefore, they require very less maintenance. Although you have to keep an eye on it and wipe it to keep it clean it doesn't require much maintenance.
So, these are the reason you should go to some rattan furniture!

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Important Things you should know about Garden Benches!

You have a beautiful garden and its nice weather. You want to enjoy the Mother Nature! A beautiful Garden Bench will help you. Sit on it, read a book and have your coffee. What can be more peaceful than this? So, are you searching for a good Garden Bench, then have a look at some of the important factors and benefits of the garden bench that will assist you in making your decision easily?

Purpose: The first thing to consider is whether you are buying for residential purpose or commercial purpose. This will help you in determining other things like cost to the type of materials that will be used.
·      Scale: It is one of the primary factors to consider. If you are using for commercial purpose then the bench is surely going to be used by a large number of peoples Group of peoples will set together but individual people will definitely look for some space around themselves. In these cases, the large Garden bench will offer major benefit. But if you want a bench for residential purpose, then you have to take into consideration the availability of space in your garden. If you have a big garden then for a bigger bench but if you have a small garden then go for a smaller garden bench.


Comfort: Garden Bench may or may not have the backrest. The backrest is usually very comfortable where people can sit for a long period of time. But if you want a bench where visits are for very less period of time and you want to access it from both sides, then you must avoid backrest. You can buy a one having armrest where people can sit and relax.


Cost: Cost is also a major thing to consider while buying a Garden Bench. Costly Garden benches do not always mean good quality so also a cheap one. Quality is the most important thing as you are going to keep the bench outside in the ever-changing weather conditions. So, buy Garden Bench that is within your budget but made with the best materials and possesses high durability.
Benefits of using Garden Benches

They are highly beneficial for relaxing in your outdoor garden that offers high relief. An elder person can also sit and chat. It can also be used for getting temporary relief from walking.
·    In commercial areas employees can use it to have their lunch and get some relaxation in their break time. If you are waiting for somebody outside, this bench will offer the best comfort level.
·      A garden bench helps in encouraging conversations among individuals. People from different places can sit, chat and relax.Thus, we can say that Garden Benches are really good and useful. By considering the above factors you will never find difficulty in purchasing one.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

How to place garden statues in your garden perfectly?

Gardens for no doubt have a magical, mystical presence in the life of human beings. When we enter our beautiful garden exhilaration stirs us, when the smell of the aromatic flowers in addition to their dazzling colours. The visual stimulation increases when the garden statues are placed strategically all over the garden. These statues make an important part of your garden that adds an aura to the peaceful environment. No matter whether you have a small garden or a large garden, the statues enhance the garden beauty by complementing the flora that smells magnificently, bushes and the tall trees.


How to place the garden statues?

Garden statues for no doubt increase the beauty of your garden but you have to place it perfectly and cleverly so that it compliments perfectly the flora and fauna of the natural or fabricated garden. After all, they are for our delight and enjoyment.

Here are a few tips to consider while deciding a place for your garden statues:

·      Take into consideration the shrubs, trees and the plants while deciding the lace. The soft-touch of the bush with the rough touch of the statue makes a good combination. In addition to that, the bright colours of the flower in contrast to the natural colour of the statues simply make your garden beautiful.

·      A place in the corner of your garden also one of the ideal spot for your garden statues or a fountain. You can lace some small collection of statues like a child, or some domestic animals. Similarly, it is one of the best spots for making a small garden sanctuary and completes it with a garden sofa where you can simply rest and enjoy the view.
If you need some shade and you don't have a place to fit an umbrella pole, then cantilever umbrella will nicely serve the purpose. The difference is it is suspended in air and is supported by a pole in the side rather than the middle. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and it can be complemented even more by  placing a small garden sofa below it


·       Ponds: One of the most popular facets of the garden is the ponds nowadays that range from simple to deluxe. They are one of the great places for keeping the statues. Statues like small pond animals like frogs, turtles, ducks, swans and lizards around the pond will make a beautiful combination.
So, when placed in this way garden statues enhance the beauty of your garden!

Monday, 12 August 2019

How to choose outdoor dining sets carefully?

Entertaining your family and friends with a casual barbeque or a sunset dinner is one of the best ways to catch up and make some new memories. Enjoying the beautiful outdoors with a delicious meal directs you to a dining set, chairs, table and maybe an umbrella that is required to last for a long period.
But before you invest in perfect Outdoor dining set its vital to consider certain things, so that you make a beautiful choice.
·         Do you have a very large family or group of friends?
·         How frequently you make a gathering?
·         What is the size of your outdoor space?
·         Who will use the furniture?


By finding answers to the above questions you are making it easy to select the furniture.

Depending on the size of your group go for either a 5 piece dining set or a 7 piece dining set. A 7 piece dining set consist of a table with 6 chairs and a 5 piece set consist of a circle or square table with 4 chairs.
While taking these decisions consider the following points which will assist you in deciding the best and right decision:
·         The size of your outdoor space: Sprawling gardens, as well as decks, are highly suited for big 7 piece dining sets. Because you need to keep six chairs, one big table and besides you also need some space to allow people to walk freely. Chairs should not be kept packed into the dining area. A luteyans bench with a small size dining set will also do the work for more number of people.


·         Another important factor to consider is the type of events you are going to host. A 5 piece dining sets are perfect for late morning mimosas, some snacks in the lazy afternoon and a beer party with friends in the evening. A 7 piece dining set is perfect for big size meals. Like if you are planning for a barbeque party or making a big meal for your whole family, then it's better to invest in a 7 piece dining set.

Then the most important factor to consider is your budget. Naturally, big size dining set will need more capital and small size requires less capital.

Friday, 9 August 2019

How to know that you are getting a great value on your Garden furniture sets?

Buying garden furniture is one of the tricky things. When you look at it first, it will look all same, with some furniture having a high price. But when you look a little closer, you can know the difference why the good brands have a high price. You may pay a little more pricey, but it's worth when you will realize that it lasts longer and saves your money in the long run. Here are a few things to see to make sure that you are getting the perfect value for the money spent on your outdoor furniture.


·       Made with materials that last long: IF you want your gardenfurniture last for a long period, then the first thing you should look for is it should be made with perfect materials. This includes cast aluminium, wrought iron, teak, synthetic wicker etc. See that the cushions are made from special foam that allows the water to go through it rather than getting soaked. The fabric colours should also be dyed rather than only printed. You can confirm by looking at the back of the cushion. It should have the same colour in the back as in the front.


·      Sturdy construction: You should pay attention to how the item has been assembled. A good quality garden bench will have no visible bolts. Rather the joints are welded together, thereby making it much durable. The chairs also come completely assembled and tables only require leg assembly.

A good guarantee: To be surer that you are getting good value for your outdoor furniture, have a look at the warranty the manufacturers are offering. The cushion and the fabrics should have a minimum 1-year warranty and the frame will have a lifetime warranty. This will ensure that the manufacturer is quite confident about the material used in the furniture.


·         Less amount of maintenance:  When all the above criteria are met, then you can check how much the furniture needs care. Since they are made from good quality materials to withstand all harsh elements of the weather, therefore, you will not have to worry every time to cover it when it rains.

If all these qualities are there in your gardenfurniture, then feel relax that you are getting the best value for the money spent.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Why Rattan Garden Furniture is one of the popular choices?

Nowadays Rattan Garden furniture is becoming highly popular. They are available in several furniture sets that are best both for indoor as well as outdoor decor. But you must be thinking why rattan furniture is so popular these days. They are very elegant, stylish, durable, requires low maintenance and all-purpose furniture. Kick back in your backyard in a rattan lounger, talk to your friends and freely enjoy your beautiful garden view. Buy a rattan garden table set for your rink and some chairs both for you and your friends to sit and relax. They are very light in weight and comfortable. Isn't it very nice? Rattan Garden Furniture's like rectangular rattan dining set is best if you want to lounge in your garden along with your friends. An elegant garden set that fulfils all your outdoor requirements.


Have a look at some of the major reasons behinds its popularity.

·      Flexibility: The flexible material from which rattan is made is its main advantage. It can easily weave to transform it into several shapes. It provides you with several options for furnishing your space according to your own choice. You are left with endless options for furnishing with rattan. They are mostly available in some of the natural colours like brown, black, white and grey that can easily mix with most of the environment.


·     Harsh weather resistant: Rattan Garden Furniture can easily withstand all harsh weathers. You don't have to rush outdoors to remove your furniture during a rainstorm. They are also highly resistant to UV rays.
·     Requires very less maintenance: Rattan Garden Furniture are very easy to maintain when compared to wood furniture. You don't require any kind of wood cleaner for keeping your rattan furniture cleaned. By using a soft washcloth and some dishwashing soap, you can clean your furniture. For cleaning the nooks and the corners, you can use a brush, as they are difficult to clean with a washcloth.


So, if you have decided to buy Rattan gardenfurniture, you can look out for some good stores keeping good collections. Or you can simply go for numerous online options available for buying Rattan furniture. Buying online has its own benefits like you can select exactly what you want with numerous options like discounts and deals. No matter whether you are looking for a garden chair, or sofa or any furniture set, you will get vast options.
Beautify your home with some impressive Rattan garden Furniture!

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Why it is important to buy durable outdoor furniture and how to choose them carefully?

When it is time to select new furniture for your garden, you will have a lot of choices for sure. But garden furniture is something where you get what you pay. There are indeed a lot of cheap options you will find in Gardenfurniture sale, but ensure that you get only the durable furniture. Let's have a look at why it is important to buy durable outdoor furniture:
·      It lasts very long: One of the top reasons to buy durable garden furniture is they last very long. It is simply worthless when you spend a lot of time deciding which furniture you will buy, and it ends off in buying something that doesn't last one summer also. That is quite disappointing. But on the other hand, if you will choose durable garden furniture, you will enjoy your selection year after year as it can easily withstand all harsh elements with the utmost ease.


·     It has good looks: You spend a long time in your garden and you will always love if it has a good look. Garden furniture that lasts longer is made with best materials and therefore it will also look better with no noticeable bolts, long-lasting fabric and good quality metal.
·      It needs very less maintenance: a garden is a place where you will want to enjoy quality time rather than spending it by cleaning as well as scrubbing. Durable outdoor furniture is made from good quality materials keeping in mind the outdoor environment. You can just spray it with some hose and it will always remain in a peak condition.


What you should look for while choosing durable garden furniture:

You might be feeling worried thinking about how to choose good patio furniture that will last for a long period? Well! There are certain things you can check while shopping that will help you:
·     Welded joints: Good patio furniture never require assembly and they are welded together at the time of manufacture to make sure the framework stays in good condition for a long period.


·       Fabrics that allows dye: There is no doubt on the fact that the sun is brutal and is colours are thereon cushions, it will eventually fade before the season is over. On the other hand's durable patio furniture, the colours will fade through the threads, so nothing is there to fade away.

Finishing touch with powder coating: Durable patio furniture contains some special coatings that are applied to the furniture to ensure they do not fade, crack or peel off when they are exposed to harsh weather.
So, these are the things you should look for while choosing patio furniture.

Monday, 29 July 2019

What are the best materials for Garden Furniture Set?

A beautiful outdoor furniture set keeps the capability to convert any outdoor space. While thinking of giving an elegant design to the outdoor area, furniture plays a major role. You should never settle down for mundane. While buying furniture for your garden, you must be thinking about what are the best outdoor furniture materials for your garden.


Have looks at varied materials from which outdoor furniture are made:

·      Aluminium: It is one of the most popular garden furniture material that has more resistance to rust and moisture damage when compared to other materials. It is lightweight, sturdy and is very easy to store and reassemble. It can easily withstand harsh weathers.
·      Resin wicker: It is also called all-weather wickers. It possesses a very long lifespan, highly resistant to harsh weather. It is a kind of synthetic fibre that is wrapped all-around a metal frame. It is made from very thin PVC, Nylon and polyethene strands. It helps in giving a very homely feeling to your outdoor area. It is one of the most reliable and best wicker furniture materials.

·     Wood: Furniture made from wood has ageless appeal because of its natural beauty. Both hardwood and softwood posses' high resistance and durability thereby giving a very casual feeling to the garden space. When taken care properly it lasts very long.


·     Recycled plastic: Garden furniture sets made from recycled plastic is best both in style as well as performance. They are very strong and highly durable. Posses great resistance to moisture, cracking as well as rotting. Because of its intrinsic colour, it has high resistance to fading as well. It requires zero maintenance and is eco-friendly.

·    Wrought iron: This material of garden furniture is highly known for its beautiful appearance along with wind defiant strength and durability. Although it is very strong for making it resistant to bad weather elements, it needs a protective coating to prevent moisture and rust. Because of its heavyweight, it stands firm and stable in its place. Requires minimum maintenance and have a long lifespan.


·         Steel:  Garden furniture sets made from steel offers high strength, endurance along with stability in extreme weather conditions. When coated with protective powder it posses high resistance to rust. To have some retro design furniture in your garden area you can go for steel made furniture.
So, if you are looking for some good garden furniture sets that will offer both beautiful looks along with great lifespan, then select furniture made from the above-written materials according to your preference.

Tips for choosing Garden furniture

Are you thinking of buying garden furniture? Then you must shop smart with some essential garden furniture tips. When selected perfectly it offers high comfort and function to the outdoor area. A good spacious table with cosy chairs easily converts a simple garden into a beautiful dining destination. Similarly, during warm weather a comfortable porch with a rattan sofa and a rocking chair, all covered with plentiful cushions will make a great place for an outdoor cocktail party at night.


Never ignore the outdoor living opportunities that a garden offers. When it is filled with required furniture, these gardens whether small or big will direct you towards outside again and again. Let's have a look at some of the necessary tips for selecting the best garden furniture. Very thoughtful preparation will make you feel assured that your garden will remain inviting for several years.
·     Prepare a list: Start by thinking how much function you like to bring to your garden. Would you like to dine there during hot summer night? Are you planning if conduction dinner party or birthday party in the garden? Or you just want to make it a peaceful reading corner? Just prepare a list of the things you would like to use in the available space, and use it to determine what furniture you want. Depending on your primary functionality of the space, decide which garden furniture you want.

·     Check before you buy: Check all the furniture before you buy. The garden furniture like your house furniture will be utilized frequently. So, go for quality rather than just going for looks. 
·    Choose furniture that demands easy care: Select that furniture that needs less maintenance. Metal, cedar and some of the all-weather wicker piece of furniture is unaffected by nature. When the furniture is made with these materials they will look beautiful for several years.


·   Think about storage function: You can prolong the life of your furniture by storing it in some appropriate place at the time of the offseason. When stored perfectly, even some of the tough furniture will last long. Depending on the storage space select the furniture. Like if you have a very small storage space then go for furniture that can be dismantled or folded.