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Garden benches are an excellent way to build a focal point in your garden, a place where your friends and family will stop, relax and take in the fresh and clean air.

Teak Garden Furniture

Teak garden furniture, Manufactured using the highest quality teak available, it is exceptionally durable and will stand up to any type of weather. Garden Furniture Spain has the largest teak garden furniture range available in Spain.

Bari Corner Sofa Suite

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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Why Is Outdoor Furniture Essential For Your Garden?

Furniture is an essential part of any home, be it indoor or outdoor, it not only completes a home but also makes it unique. Including furniture in an outdoor space i.e. garden will not only make your outdoor look special but will also add aesthetic beauty to your garden. Why stop at decorating your indoor with furniture when you can do it even better with furniture at outdoors. You can also spend cozy time with your friends and family with the best type of furniture for your garden.
When it comes to outdoor furniture, rattan outdoor furniture is the best because it can transform your garden for good. There are various types of rattan outdoor furniture like:

cleo rectangle table 6 chairs

1.    Outdoor Fabric Furniture
Garden benches add style and beauty to your garden where the furniture comes in a wide variety of materials which includes wrought iron, wood, teak, etc. You can either select an intricately wooden garden bench or a traditional wood bench where you can choose the benches as per your choice of material, size, shape, etc. You can add an elegant touch to this type of outdoor furniture where you can relax and spend jovial time with your family and friends.
britannia eak bench

2.    Winchester Furniture Range
This type of outdoor furniture is made from weatherproof rattan which means that it can be left outdoors throughout the year without any hassle. The reason it is weatherproof because it is woven and hand finished over a frame which is rust resistant and is powder coated with aluminum. The furniture can remain intact because it has Ultraviolet (UV) light resistance which makes sure that the color does not fade away in the sun. The material of the furniture is built in such a manner that it can be cleaned with a hosepipe and the cushions which come along with the furniture can be machine washed and are also shower proof.
devane 2 seat sofa set

3.    Rattan Daybeds and Sun loungers
Gardens are made to give you that holiday feeling which you always long for. What can be better than adding a daybed or sun lounger to your garden where you can relax at lazy Sunday evenings? There are several designs available but the general furniture is created to accommodate more than one person. Cushions are also added to the furniture which makes it even cozy and comfortable. Make sure that you add in this furniture so that you will always have the opportunity to relax under the stars on a summer night.

tulip daybed

There are also other types of furniture’s for outdoors like the Luxor premium range, lounge collection, Milan range, Arizona range, curved rattan dining sets, Avery rattan chair range, etc.
Make your garden a special haven where you can either relax or organize parties on special occasions or holidays with the vast range of furniture’s provided by Garden Furniture France. At Garden Furniture France, you can shop by categories among the wide variety of furniture for outdoor, which will help you out in choosing the best furniture.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Why Should your Garden Include Rattan Furniture?

Furniture completes a home, it is what gives your home a meaning and helps you add in memories to your home. Through furniture, you can add a personal touch to your home and this is the reason why people take a serious consideration while they are installing furniture or are adding new furniture. You can change the look of your old home with new furniture where the furniture helps you add in color, style, and elegance.
cove 3 seater sofa
It is also the same case with outdoor furniture which is essential to make your garden look unique. Which outdoor furniture to choose? You may ask. In this case, cheap rattan furniture is the best because the rattan furniture’s are specially designed for a garden atmosphere because it is made up of sleek joint stems of a palm, and the best part is that it comes with cheap and affordable rates. There are various models and variety of cheap rattan furniture like dining tables, corner sofas, chairs, daybeds, loungers, etc.

2 seater sofa set

The Winchester Range of cheap rattan furniture is made from 5mm weatherproof rattan which does not require any maintenance and can be left outdoors throughout the year.  This furniture is woven and hand finished over a frame which is rust resistant and also has a powder-coated aluminum frame which can be left outdoors in a hassle-free manner. The furniture is Ultraviolet (UV) light resistant which makes sure that the color does not fade in the sun and it is also very easy to clean with a normal hosepipe. The furniture set comes with cushions which are available in standard beige color and are machine washable and shower proof. There is also another range of the Fiji Rattan Furniture which is made up of olefin fibers which offer the highest quality. It is also made up of 100% recyclable materials where there was little or no waste produced in production.

luxor corner sofa

The Luxor Premium Range furniture made of rattan consists of outdoor dining table which conveys style and elegance. There are also sofa sets, corner sets, and daybeds which are manufactured from synthetic rattan weave and are specially made for outdoor use which is durable in all weather and has a striking color. The rattan weave is wrapped in a lightweight aluminum frame which is powder coated. The furniture has a 3-year guarantee on the frame and it has a 2-year guarantee on the fabrics. It is also very easy to maintain without any hassle where all it requires is a periodic wipe down. There are also many other ranges like the Outdoor Water Hyacinth Furniture, Monaco Sofa & Dining Range, Med Rattan Corner Sofa Sets, etc.

Include rattan furniture in your garden if you want to add uniqueness, style, and elegance. Garden Furniture Portugal is the leading provider of outdoor rattan furniture where they make sure that they sell quality furniture to their customers where the furniture is available in a lot of variety and models. 

Friday, 6 April 2018

The Benefits of Adding Teak Garden Bench

Teak is the most famous, trustable and durable timber which is specially used for outdoor furniture because it requires less maintenance and does not wear off in the long run. There are different kinds of furniture made from teak, especially for outdoor because it is rot resistant, bug resistant and its natural oil content makes it resistant to water or weather. Installing furniture of teak material would be a smart idea because it is not only durable but also adds in colour, style and elegance to your garden. There is a variety of teak furniture available in the market like dining tables, corner sofa sets, tables, corner tables, corner sofa sets, coffee tables, garden benches, etc.

Paradise teak FSC bench

When talking about adding a bench to your garden, it is always preferable to add a Teak garden bench which will not only give you the durability but also the look. This type of garden bench is something which everyone looks for because it is crafted from the finest teak wood where the benches are comfortable and hard-wearing. There are a lot of sizes and styles available in the teak garden benches so that you can select the furniture as per your choice. The fascinating feature of the garden benches is that you can engrave it with any personal quotes or names so that you can personalise it even more.

Backless benc

The backless bench comes in various sizes where only highest quality teak is used and there are also contemporary styles in it. These benches can handle a lot of temperatures where it can be left outside all year long without any worry about the weather. The bench is in a beautiful honey colour which also gives a smooth appeal or looks to the furniture. The teak oily nature which means that the moisture intake is very less and it can withstand any type of water i.e. sea water or chlorine water. There is also a very beautiful variety of bench i.e. Henley folding teak bench which is a two-seater bench, which further has a contoured seat and back. Make your bench look like an antique by adding wagon wheel teak bench which has a giant wheel, made of teak, attached on the back of the bench. This type of bench is crafted by skilled people who are excellent in their hand-made qualities.

Royal Armless Bench

 Garden Furniture Spain gives you the privilege of providing all the above available furniture at affordable rates but with the best quality. They deliver your furniture all across Spain and also have an excellent customer service where they help you from the selection of the furniture to adding it to your home in a hassle-free manner, so don’t miss the opportunity of adding the teak bench which is not only of good quality but also comes at affordable price.

Garden benches are one among the very used garden furniture’s because it is a must buy for those who feel garden is being close to nature.