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Garden benches are an excellent way to build a focal point in your garden, a place where your friends and family will stop, relax and take in the fresh and clean air.

Teak Garden Furniture

Teak garden furniture, Manufactured using the highest quality teak available, it is exceptionally durable and will stand up to any type of weather. Garden Furniture Spain has the largest teak garden furniture range available in Spain.

Bari Corner Sofa Suite

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Monday, 26 February 2018

Why Adding Luxury Outdoor Furniture This will Increase your Comfort Level?

Outdoor furniture adds to the aesthetic sense of your garden because it always maximises that special touch to your garden which will, in turn, make your garden stand unique among all. There are various types of outdoor furniture which can serve various purposes for various occasions. Among the types of outdoor furniture, there is outdoor furniture of the luxury range which has various types of the dining sets, sofa sets, daybeds, etc. The furniture is specially made for outdoor use which can withstand all weather conditions and are made in striking colours which will help you add a dash of colour to your garden. The furniture is made from weave which is wrapped in a lightweight aluminium frame which is further powder coated.
Vernazza Range

1. Meteor Range
Meteor Range

This luxury furniture range consists of very cool and composite colour which adds to the aura of your garden. These types of furniture usually have a 3-year guarantee on the frame and the Ultra Hi-Loft Fabrics usually have a 2-year guarantee. The meteor range is the perfect luxury furniture because the frames are made from aluminium material which is rather tough but also serves the purpose of being lightweight which in turn, is the best choice to be used outdoors. The durability of the furniture is so high that it can withstand a wide range of temperatures.

2. Prestige Range


The prestige luxury furniture range has synthetic leather fabrics which perfectly get along with the synthetic rattan furniture. This range is unique because the fabric of the furniture is stitched into weave which is in turn filled with foam that acts like a soft cushion to your furniture, which will also make you feel comfortable. The advantage of buying the prestige rage is that the maintenance of it is very low and it is also dirt resistance which further adds to its long-lasting durability.

3. Pienza Range


Luxury outdoor furniture’s are popularly being installed and why not? It is a mixture of perfection and comfort and adds a quality touch to your garden. The Pienza range has become the symbol of contemporary furniture because this type of furniture is made from a recyclable material which produces minimum waste during the manufacturing process. This range not only makes you feel comfortable in a garden but also helps you in doing your part of being environment-friendly.

There are also other types of range like the Vernazza, sun loungers, dining tables, sofas, etc. Why stop at outdoor when you can even have luxury office furniture? This type of furniture will showcase the standard which your company deserves.


All the above mentioned outdoor furniture are offered by Garden Furniture Spain who sells quality furniture to its customers at an affordable rate. Their wide range of luxury furniture is what makes them stand out from others and they also assure their customers about durability and guarantee. So what’s the wait? Buy that luxury furniture which will make your garden unique among all.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Bringing the Best of Patio Furniture to You!

With the shrinkage of green spaces especially in urban settings, it has become important to cultivate open spaces for the purpose of health, recreation, and relaxation. This is an integral aspect of luxury living and furnishing happens to be the most important component of this.

Patio Furniture

Porticos are becoming more and more popular with time. This is because of the restricted spaces available for the construction of a full blown garden and the lack of time to maintain huge lawns. Nevertheless, the concept of patios is efficient and sustainable and lives up to the principles of alfresco living. But choosing the ideal patio furniture is essential. It should never be a pain to manage outdoor spaces and furnishing otherwise the whole aim of relaxation and holistic living goes down the drain.  

Portico furniture needs to be laid back, comfortable, easy to maintain, cost effective, eco friendly, corrosion resistant and durable. Many companies offer varieties of portico furniture, patio chairs and other categories of luxury furniture and a company should never fail to stand out because of its high quality material and flawless manufacturing processes. Value for money is essential and so is the whole aesthetic aspect of it.

patio furniture

As a matter of fact, outdoor furniture nowadays is manufactured using Bamboo, Aluminium and Recycled Plastic along with FSC approved Wood by a lot of companies ensuring that there is no compromise on quality and customer satisfaction.

You can choose your ideal outdoor furniture using many online sources today. And many companies supply bulk stocks so redecoration of entire spaces is possible today. In fact, many companies have attained a distinction in supplying bulk orders to their clients.

Kelso carver Dining Set

What’s more? You can also choose furniture crafted from authentic materials like cumaru, rustic, iroko, cast iron southern yellow pine, and aluminium. And the latest trend today is the use of teakwood from conserved forests in designated areas authenticated by Smart Wood as per the guidelines of the Forestry Stewardship Council.

Apart from portico furniture, you can also choose a lot of products for outdoor spaces including patio heaters, gazebos, parasols, barbecues, hammocks, decking, weather covers, shade sails, Picnic tables, Awnings, Garden Benches Divans, Sun Loungers, Daybeds and so much more to redefine outdoor living.
Winchester 10 Chair Extending Set
And it’s better if the wood is sustainably manufactured, and even the aluminium framework is recyclable and energy efficient while the plastic we use for our range too is recycled! So now you can get the best of home decor along with sustainability! Who said you can’t get the best of both worlds?
Relaxing during sunrise and sunsets was never this exciting! And the USP of garden and portico furniture today is that it can adapt well to the unpredictable weather of the European continent effortlessly. Whether it is a small get together or an invigorating evening with a delectable cup of tea, you will be welcomed with a relaxing vibe with portico furniture.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Why Adding Garden Benches will complete your Garden Furniture?

Furniture is an integral part of any home, be it indoor or outdoor, it is an essential part, which completes a home. Choosing the right furniture, on the other hand, is an important task because it needs to go with the right area. When talking about garden furniture, selecting a perfect piece can be a tricky task because it becomes difficult to choose from a variety of furniture which might become cumbersome to the buyer. Garden furniture adds to the beauty of the backyard, where including particular items like garden benches will increase the beauty of the backyard environment.

Garden benches for sale are usually made up of high-quality teak which comes in a vast range of sizes and style. Some benches can also be customized at the request of the buyer, where inscriptions, messages can be embedded onto the furniture, in order to add a personal touch to it.  As garden benches, garden bench cushions are also important, in order to increase the comfort level of the bench. You can add in colour to your garden furniture with this cushion which is fade resistant and weather resistant. It can be used both indoors and outdoors where the attach ties on the cushion makes sure that the colourful stuffed fabric in intact in its place, so that it does not slip again and again. It can be highly used for decoration, it can be added as a style statement and can also be used for special outdoor activities.

Another type of outdoor furniture is the outdoor seat cushion which is made up of acrylic, because of which the customers can expect a high quality of the furniture. The cushions are filled with resin fiber sandwich which makes sure that the cushion is extra firm and extra comfortable. The covers can be easily removed and are of washable material. The filling of the cushion is made up of durable material which can withstand the weather conditions, where if the cushions are left out in rain, the water runs through and does not soak into the fiber. The durability of it is so high that the acrylic material is fade resistance and is also rot proof. The thickness of the cushion ranges from 8cm so that the comfort level is always up to the mark; the surrounding valance is 2cm which makes it more versatile.

Garden Furniture Portugal has been in the business of furniture sale since many years where they have equipped themselves in providing garden furniture’s of the best quality and it is also available in an affordable range. All the above-mentioned furniture’s and cushions are sold by Garden Furniture Portugal who understands the customer’s need and even goes to the extent of personalizing furniture for their clients. They also sell a wide variety of products like pellet stoves, teak garden furniture, rattan furniture, reclaimed furniture, recycled furniture, aluminium furniture, etc, where they always keep in mind about the customers need before selling any product. 

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Why Should You Install Garden Furniture?

Everybody wants to maintain a garden in their backyard which is planted with various flowers and which caters to the environment. Maintaining a garden only is not sufficient because there should be garden furniture’s to get along with it. It is a common practice among families to organize any party or function in their backyard, which is why it is important to install furniture which suits the outdoor spacing and where the seating arrangement in the garden can be done in a proper manner.

garden furniture

Though it might seem easy, installing garden furniture might be a tricky task in matters of choice and variety. In matters like these, rattan garden furniture is the best choice or variety because these types of furniture’s are made from rattan, which are finely combined stems of palm, which is usually used to make furniture’s which are especially suited for a garden. You can choose from a wide variety of rattan furniture which is combined with aluminium, recycled teak, recycled plastic, etc. The different types of furniture in rattan include the Havana range which consists of an aluminium frame which is sturdy in order to maintain the strength and integrity, the woven synthetic is of natural colour which is very smooth to touch. The rattan furniture’s are usually weather resistant, i.e., the furniture can be left outdoors in any weather condition, the furniture can also withstand mold, insects, fungus, termites, etc. There are also Cleo rectangle dining tables which come with 6 chairs, it has granite tiles on the top where the weave is available in cappuccino or natural rattan or ecolene weave.

Garden Swing Seat

There are also garden swing seats which are of 2 seater, 3 seaters, and 4 seater where the 3 seater and 4 seater comes with a built-in footrest, which is very strongly built for domestic or commercial use. A headrest is also available and a new feature can also be seen where the swing can be pinned to a frame, which will help the swing be in a stationary position. The swing also has sides which are curved and are attached to a platform so that there is a wide base which is a solid foundation for everlasting quality and maximum stability. The swing also has an over-head hood that provides shade when required. There are side tables available on both-sides where drinks can be kept, while you can sway gently.

garden furniture

Garden Furniture Spain is the leading provider of outdoor rattan furniture since 2008, where they have one of the largest stock holdings of high-quality garden furniture in the entire country. They specialize in teak furniture and also provide high-quality outdoor extras like parasols, patio heaters, hammocks, shade sails, Barbecues, picnic tables, Gazebos Awnings, etc. Their web-based business has sold furniture across Europe and has adapted to changes according to the trends, where they innovate with their furniture and offer a wide variety of above mentioned garden furniture and swing seats which are of affordable price and high quality. 

Friday, 9 February 2018

Outdoor Rattan Furniture Spain: One of the Emerging Brands in Home Decor

Ever imagined how a business would be so comprehensive with its products and services? Especially in the most important field of our lives, home décor and furnishing. From luxurious alfresco living inspired ranges to the high sensitivity towards the environment, Garden Furniture Spain stands out and never fails to satisfy. And the extensive variety of 2600 styles and 3 international centres in UK and Madrid respectively makes it even more special.
Outdoor Rattan Furniture
Especially when it comes to the beauty of nature and modernity, the brand certainly stands out and provides affordable and high-quality Outdoor Rattan Furniture in a multitude of styles. Selling furniture to almost the entire continent of Europe, that is eco-friendly and low maintenance, the USP of the brand is to deliver huge stocks to its customers.
The importance of sustainable living in today’s times can never be down weighed. Apart from reducing the costs of living, sustainable living helps us give Nature its due and conserve the environment. While certain areas around the world are blessed with nature’s bounty, the importance of green furniture has gained much more important even in the urban landscapes. With Bamboo, Aluminum and Recycled Plastic along with FSC approved Wood being the core constituents of its Rattan Outdoor furniture, the range never fails to complement the surroundings and blend class with the unadulterated charm of nature.
From the products to the excellent services at its end, the brand has stood out in all aspects. And the personalized designs and authentic teakwood and aluminium framework make it even more special.
Apart from teak wood Outdoor Rattan furniture, the brand also supplies cumaru, rustic, iroko, cast iron southern yellow pine, and aluminum furniture. The teakwood originates from conserved forests in the areas authenticated by Smart Wood as per the guidelines of the Forestry Stewardship Council.
Your serene evenings and mornings outdoors are further accentuated with the outdoor extras range consisting of patio heaters, gazebos, parasols, barbecues, hammocks, decking, weather cover Outdoor Rattan Furniture, shade sails, Picnic tables, Awnings, Garden Benches and so many other categories that simplify and refine your living. Relaxation was never this exciting and you can actually create your own patio and garden with low maintenance and costs all in tune with the climatic conditions to protect the furniture and extend its durability.
The furniture also includes Divans, Sun Loungers, Daybeds and much more. Read a book while soaking in the Sun and a delectable cup of tea. From swimming pools to balconies and patios, every space is taken care of with the assorted and multipurpose range of Rattan outdoor furniture.
The highlight of this brand is its recently launched Water Hyacinth Furniture Range and the Rattan Outdoor Furniture Range which provides furniture that is sturdy, durable and weather tolerant too.
Keeping in tune with the setting and the ethos of the continent, the furniture also includes the famous Lutyens Teakwood Bench popularized by Sir Edwin Lutyens himself. So visit our website at www.gardenfurniturespain.com to know more and give your garden the classiest and elegant vibes ever!